Ben Chun has a vibe that is purely...Ben!  A creative chemist of DJ mixology that begs one to step to his rhythm.  Ben has been a resident DJ at Autodesk's Design Night events in San Francisco and many other corporate and private events. Ben holds a Computer Science degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  

Francis Comeford has a style and soulful vibe that brings pure joy to any dance floor.  A graduate from Expressions College in sound design, Francis brings more than just DJ & MC skills.  he's also a bright mind at many events along with a team of event staff to provide the necessary support for each event. 

Kelly Toole is a smooth soulful house DJ that will take you on a journey of pure bliss! Kelly is a seasoned pro. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interior Design from Eastern Michigan University.  Kelly brings an amazing vibe to any corporate or private event.  

Jude Wellington is the principal event director.   Jude's vast experience with corporate events as well as upscale weddings provide an amazing balance of professionalism, creativity, and technological skills.  His leadership is the key to every event.